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Automotive After Market Performance Injection Delivery System

A leader in aftermarket, performance water-methanol injection systems for turbo and supercharged engines, utilizes a series of valves, along with an electric pump, a holding tank, an injector and an electronic control module.  They system is designed to reduce the temperature of the intake fuel-air mixture along with an addition of another combustible, producing additional horsepower in the engine. Continue reading


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Solving the Requirement for Precise Control of Air Circulation in a Vacuum Deposition Process

A new manufacturer of solar panels has developed a proprietary process for high volume vacuum deposition that will allow them to cost effectively compete in the high-stakes solar industry. Continue reading

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Enhancing the Emissivity of Glossy Tile

From Thermographer’s Corner, IR Camera Sales

Looking for thermal anomalies in a shower stall is tough thanks to the highly reflective surface. You can expect to get all sorts of great pictures of your own reflection. Since these are hard to sell to your client and pretty useless as well, here is an idea that just might make your life easier and more profitable.

Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder is the answer. This powder has a high emissivity when sprayed directly on the tiles. The reflections disappear and that heat source behind the tile comes shining through. And when you’re done with the images, you have a ready source of water to rinse the powder down the drain.

Please note this solution can only be used in a safe shower. NEVER spray powder in a live electrical box.

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