Automotive After Market Performance Injection Delivery System

A leader in aftermarket, performance water-methanol injection systems for turbo and supercharged engines, utilizes a series of valves, along with an electric pump, a holding tank, an injector and an electronic control module.  They system is designed to reduce the temperature of the intake fuel-air mixture along with an addition of another combustible, producing additional horsepower in the engine.

Problem Statement

The injector nozzle that connects directly into a port in the engine intake did not fit into any standard tubing fitting on the market.  Additionally, standard tube fittings did not come with a seal material that was optimal for the water-methanol mixture.

Previous Options

The customer had to rely on a combination of two pipe fittings and one tube fitting, or a modified tube fitting that is machined to accept the nozzle.  The option of the two pipe fittings and the tube fitting was cumbersome as the three fittings had to be assembled by the customer, or by the supplier at an added cost.  The modified fitting also had added cost due to the additional operation.  In all of the tube fittings used, the seal material was acceptable in water-methanol applications, but not preferred.


E&M Sales was able to present the problem to several of our suppliers.  Camozzi, an Italian pneumatic fittings company, was able to design a special fitting that would accept the injector nozzle and have a swivel end to the tubing collet.  Additionally, Camozzi was able to make the custom fitting with the seal material that was preferred for use with the customer’s injection fluid.


This enabled the customer to reduce the overall cost of the injector nozzle fitting, since there was only one piece and it required no additional operations, and to be a step ahead of their competition with the preferred seal material.


The customer provided the dimensions of their injector nozzle to E&M, who in turn designed the basic dimensions for the fitting.  Camozzi then provided the final fitting design.  Once the customer approved the design, fittings were produced for testing and final approval was given for production.  All nozzle holders were replaced with the new fitting for all future shipments.


The custom Camozzi fitting provided the customer with a truly custom fit for the nozzle holding application.  The one piece design provided them a significant cost savings from the three-part nozzle holder and from the machining modified nozzle holder.  This new fitting also gave the customer a perceived value increase with their customers because of the design and because of the preferred seal material, something the competition does not have.


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