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10 Predictions for Solar Energy in 2011

The following predictions come from and were written by David Caploe PhD.

President Obama made a big deal of the economic potential for solar and other clean energy sources in his State of the Union speech last week, about which, in principle at least, we could not be more enthusiastic.

But the picture is not quite as, er, sunny, as we certainly, and the President presumably, would like. Continue reading


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Fool’s Gold May Be Solar Bonanza

Turning garbage into gold has been a goal since medieval alchemists stirred their cauldrons. But according to the LA Times, that dream may soon become a reality. Fool’s gold, or iron pyrite, as it’s known to geologists, soon may be used in solar cells as an alternative to the expensive and difficult-to-obtain materials used currently. Continue reading

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Colorado Prepares for Solar Convention

In the next few weeks, representatives from the solar power industry in Colorado will meet at the Embassy Suites Convention Center in Loveland for the state’s largest business-to-business solar conference and expo. The event will take place February 9-11. Continue reading

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End-of-Year E&M Sales Highlights

The last year of the decade was a year of surprises. In uncertain economic times, E&M Sales experienced growth, change and innovation. Below are the highlights of 2010.  Continue reading

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